About the pledge

A pledge for businesses of all sizes

#RaiseTheGame is designed to inspire meaningful cultural and behavioural change in all games companies, whatever your size and wherever you are in your diversity and inclusion journey.

It is intended to celebrate and promote good practice - not point to lack of activity or bad practice – and your commitment to the pledge and the work that you are doing will be used to inspire more businesses to think about improving diversity and inclusion.

You can sign up by undertaking change or activity in just one of the pledge pillars below over a twelve month period.

How to sign your business up to the pledge:

  • Have a look over the pledge pillars and read our guidance and look at our case studies to see examples of what your business could do
  • At the point of signing up, you are pledging to implement initiatives within your business to improve diversity and inclusion in the areas defined in the pledge pillars
  • This can either be a commitment to introducing new activity, or to continue to work on initiatives you may already have in place which improve diversity and inclusion within your business
  • You will be asked to provide some basic information about you and your business and give examples of how you intend to fulfil at least one of the pledge pillars (but please commit to three if you can!)
  • Once you’re signed up, your company will be listed as a Pledge Partner on the RaiseTheGame website
  • Once a year we will contact you to gather examples of how you have achieved the goals you defined in each of the pledge points

Our pledge pillars

We want games businesses to be able to demonstrate change or activity in one of the pledge pillars below over a twelve month period.:

Creating a diverse workforce

by recruiting as fairly and widely as possible.

Shaping inclusive and welcoming places to work

by educating and inspiring people to take more personal responsibility for fostering and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Reflecting greater diversity in our work

By striving for this in everything we do, from game design and development, through to marketing and other support services.

Our Founding Pledge Partners